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Liviu Nedelcu (b. 1962, Bacau, Romania) lives and works in Focsani. Together with Alexandra Titu, Liviu Nedelcu started a series of exhibitions with leading Romanian contemporary artists in Focsani. Almost a decade ago, he undertook the organization of an artistic residence in a mountain resort, in Vrancea county, Romania.

”Liviu Nedelcu employs a wide range of pictorial techniques, subjecting them to an impatient desire of communication of a deep seated horizon. In the same time, Nedelcu develops a subtle conceptual process, encompassing a series of cultural exigencies. The prominent persistence of a level of sensation, which sometimes reaches expressionist intensities, strikes the viewer through the spontaneous boisterous brushstrokes, as well as through the chromatic accents which outline the shapes. The accents do not play just a constructive direct role, they are linked to an energetic release, underpinning a discourse which unfolds simultaneously with the figurative construction. The figurative structure points towards a system of references with historical characters or focuses on autobiographical recollections. In some cases, the pictorial discourse is extended by textual excerpts – titles, characters’ names, fragments of thoughts, enriching and deepening the conceptual construction of the painting.”

Constantin Prut – Dictionary of Modern and Contemporary Art


The Academy of Fine Arts, Iasi, 1984


PHD from The West University of Timisoara


Academy of Fine Arts, Galati

Solo shows

He had numerous solo shows in different venues in Romania (Museum of Romanian Literature, Bucharest; The International Cultural Centre, Bacau; Cupola Galleries, Iasi; ART Point Gallery, Bucharest; Senso Gallery, Bucharest; The House of Art Galleries, Bucharest; National Museum of Art, MD (Moldova), The Village Museum, Bucharest).


Group shows

He joined group exhibitions, biennales organized in Romania (Bucharest, Arad, Iasi, Cluj, Oradea, Timisoara) but also abroad (Czech Republic, Netherlands, Moldova, France, the Republic of Turkey, Germany, Poland, Finland, USA, Sweden)